Harvesters, processors and promoters of premium seafood products

About Norpel

Established in 2002 on Fish Island in the historic harbor of New Bedford, MA, NORPEL has become a world leader in providing seafood and custom processing services for food and pet food businesses across the globe. 

Trust NORPEL “To Sea the Opportunity”


New England Fishing Vessels have brought their catch to NORPEL’s Fish Island food facility for over fifteen years making NORPEL a direct source to some of the best seafood from the North Atlantic and beyond.

Pet Food

NORPEL has been a trusted supplier of pet food ingredients since 2015.  With its own facilities in New England and partners across the globe, pet food producers can trust NORPEL as a reliable, transparent and sustainable source of premium proteins.


In addition to offering its own seafood products, NORPEL offers custom processing, freezing and supply chain management for food and pet food businesses. With two approved food processing facilities, a network of cold storage facilities and expertise in logistics, trust NORPEL to help produce and deliver your products around the world.