At NORPEL, we believe in educating our customers, suppliers and employees on the importance of well-managed, sustainable fisheries and sustainable aquaculture practices.

We continually research and review trends in sustainable practices across multiple industries so we can do our part in protecting our ocean and planet. By supporting local, community-based fisheries and fishermen, we reduce our overall carbon footprint throughout the supply chain. Additionally, we feel that it’s our obligation to create sustainable proteins for the future.

By collaborating with fishermen, scientists and fisheries managers, NORPEL helps to improve scientific data and knowledge of domestic fisheries. We also help to promote and develop markets for fisheries that are certified by recognized and trusted organizations such as the Marine Stewardship Council, Monterrey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch and Best Aquaculture Practices. We are also committed to discovering new opportunities to prevent food waste.

All of the seafood items that NORPEL produces exceeds local, national and international standards. We believe in transparent supply chains, from producer to consumer, and partner with trusted suppliers who are willing to produce proteins with the least possible environmental impact.