Processing & Custom Services

Freezing and Processing

NORPEL offers custom processing and freezing services to both food and pet food producers in North America. With 40 vertical plate freezers, NORPEL is a perfect partner for freezing meat and seafood for your brand and business. NORPEL has the capacity to produce nude blocks as well as bagged and boxed packaging options. In addition, NORPEL has the quality control parameters and equipment to ensure a safe and high quality finished good. 

NORPEL also offers custom processing services primarily for the pet food industry. Its two facilities can produce slurry and frozen pet proteins — meat and seafood — that meet customer specifications. NORPEL has the capacity to blend proteins to meet formulation needs and to grind and mechanically debone meat and seafood. Please contact us to discuss how NORPEL can help your business reach its goals by utilizing our processing and freezing services. 

Procurement and Supply Chain Management

In addition to custom processing and freezing, NORPEL can help your business grow by offering procurement and supply chain management services. If your business is looking for new proteins or wants a turnkey solution for sourcing meat and seafood proteins, look no further than NORPEL. 

NORPEL has a wide range of protein suppliers and can connect you with the proteins you need. Further, NORPEL has an extensive network of cold storage facilities, logistic groups, customs brokers and freight forwarders to enable your business access to achieve maximum efficiency in sourcing and managing ingredients from around the world. 

If you are looking for a partner in procurement and supply chain management, please contact us to discuss how we can make it possible.