NORPEL has been active in the bait industry since 2002 and is a leader in providing Mackerel and Herring to both human and bait markets. Historically, Herring has been a primary bait used in Maine, and Mackerel in Canada. In 2017, NORPEL started investing in developing new bait products as lobsterman and fishermen would need to rely more and more on alternative bait options since the Mackerel and Herring fisheries came under tighter management. 

In 2018, NORPEL became one of the first suppliers of Asian Carp as a bait option in Maine in an effort to utilize this Midwestern invasive species. In addition to Carp, NORPEL is offering a wide variety of bait options and continues to develop new products that work well for fishermen in the North Atlantic and beyond. 

Below is a list of our available frozen bait options:

  • Cod Heads
  • Haddock Racks
  • Flounder Racks
  • Rockfish Frames
  • Rockfish Heads
  • Carp Heads
  • Chopped Carp 
  • Monkfish Heads
  • Herring
  • Mackerel
  • Salmon Heads 
  • Tuna Heads
  • Redfish Racks & Heads
  • Mixed Whitefish Head on Bait
  • Pollock Heads
  • Hake Heads