About Norpel

Founded in 2002, NORPEL has been a vertically integrated seafood company focused on Atlantic Herring, Atlantic Mackerel as well as Illex and Loligo Squid, with two of its own fishing vessels and a state-of-the-art freezing facility. In addition to its own fleet, fishing vessels from across New England have trusted NORPEL as a reliable market to offload their catch for over fifteen years.

Through the years, NORPEL has diversified its business into offering a wider variety of seafood products and expanded its role into the pet and bait industries. In 2015, NORPEL became a trusted supplier for one of the leading pet food suppliers in North America. It has grown its role in the pet food industry through this relationship as well as other pet producers in the industry to deliver a wide variety of proteins.  

In 2018, NORPEL began processing meat for the pet food industry and has become a one-stop solution for pet brands to procure, process and deliver ingredients to their pet food facilities across North America. Further, NORPEL has partnered with businesses in the seafood and meat industry to increase its seafood offerings to both food and pet businesses. 

Most recently, NORPEL launched an alternative bait program in 2019 to help fishermen transition away from Herring and Mackerel as bait to more sustainable options. 

NORPEL’s management team has over 100 years of experience in seafood and commercial fishing and works hard to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our team also has expertise in supply chain management, sustainability and business development to ensure NORPEL has a balanced team to grow the business with its trusted partners. 

Trust NORPEL and Sea the Opportunity in developing a partnership with our rapidly growing business!