...to one of the largest pelagic processing companies in the USA. NORPEL™ , the trade name for Northern Pelagic Group, LLC, was built in 2002 by a group of industry specialists who saw the need to create an ultra-modern pelagic processing plant in the USA.

The team searched and found the most favorable site in the USA... New Bedford, Massachusetts. Located just one hour south of Boston, Massachusetts, New Bedford’s deep water ports and strategic location to nearby rich fishing grounds, made it the ideal choice for the NORPEL™ team to build a custom HACCP approved processing facility.

You can be assured of some of the highest quality pelagic fish being produced at NORPEL™. Freshness and quality are part of why we stand out among the competition.

With a dedicated fleet of mid-water trawlers, NORPEL™ is setting a new standard in the catching, handling, processing and distribution of Atlantic Mackerel and Herring.

Please continue through our website to learn more about how NORPEL™ can provide you with high quality pelagic fish . . . We are pleased to announce that our Mackerel and Herring seasons are underway and we are producing various products at this time.